+ How does Zoono work?

+ Is Zoono Z-71 'Food Safe'?

+ How do I apply Zoono?

+ Are there any Test Results for Zoono?

+ Can you prove Zoono works - in the field?

+ Is Zoono 'toxic' or can I use it around my children?

+ Are there other 'Zoono' products?

+ How do I use the Zoono Hand Sanitiser GermFree24?

+ Will GermFree24 discolour my clothes?

+ Will GermFree24 wash or rub off?

+ How will my hands feel once I have applied GermFree24?

+ Should I apply GermFree24 more than once a day?

+ Will Zoono Hand Sanitizer dry my hands and cause chapped skin?

+ When Zoono GermFree24 is applied to the hands will it allow the skin to function normally (e.g. produce its own oil and sweat)?

+ Has Zoono GermFree24 been tested on a variety of skin types?

+ How does ZoonoTex work?

+ Why is ZoonoTex preferred over a silver based antimicrobial?

+ Will 'ZoonoTex' ever be available as a household product?

+ Will the addition of ZoonoTex in a fabric alter it's 'feel'?

+ Will there be other Zoono products released in the future?

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