Cutting Edge Nano Technology

Zoono the antimicrobial miracle made from the most basic of raw organic compounds is approved safe for humans and animals by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Zoono is pure nano technology at it’s Best.

The Sword - shape long chain organic aliphatic component of the molecule stabs and electrocutes cells on contact, and continues to do so as it encounters new cells.

Because it does not kill the organisms by toxicity, they cannot adapt to it, so there is no possibility of immunity developing.

The Zoono molecule forms ionic and covalent associations which bond it to the surface it is targeting to protect, making an antimicrobial layer capable of

remaining potent for up to a month from a single application.

Biotest Laboratories (PTY) Ltd in Brisbane, A TGA (Therapeutic Goods

Administration Certified Laboratory ) recently achieved test results on some of these organisms with Zoono and achieved kill rates of greater than 99.9% in most cases.

Zoono has been tested by organisations including Dow Corning USA, Arizona State University and the US Environmental Protection Agency. It has been proven to provide long lasting antimicrobial effect while having approximately the same toxicity as Vitamin C with a low LD 50 rating of 12.27 While completely harmless to humans and animals Zoono is proven deadly to a wide range of micro-organisms.

Zoono is an Anti-bacterial, Anti-virus, Anti-fungi and Anti-protazoa.

Zoono is proven by independent testing to maintain its protection up to 28 days from application.

Zoono lets you LIVE, WORK and PLAY Germ Free, in every environment.